Old Town Hall in Brno


South Moravia and Brno, it’s capital city, are often left aside from the main tourist routes. It’s a little hurt, because such beauty and history are here. It is even better on the other side — there are no crowds of tourists as in other places, and you can safely walk around the city and touch the real Czech, or more precisely, Moravian culture.


Brno Walking Tour Reservation


Since Brno is a city with long and rich history, there a lot of legends in this city. We will pass the entire historical city center and visit the most interesting places during our 2-3-hour Brno walking tour. Our usual walking tour includes the following places:

  • Moravian square,
  • St. James (Jakub) Church and Square,
  • Freedom Square (Square Svobody), the main Brno square,
  • Old Town Hall (you can also climb the hall steeples to have a view of the city — not in price),
  • the Cabbage Market (Zelny Trh),
  • the Parnassus Fountain,
  • Dietrichstein Palace,
  • The Bishop’s Courtyard,
  • The Capuchin monastery,
  • New Town Hall,
  • The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, or Petrov (you can also climb the cathedral steeples to have a view of the city — not in price),
  • Denisovy Sady Park, optional
  • Shilingrovo Square, optional
  • Dominikanske Square, optional.

We will tell you history and legends about each of these places. We also tell you about Spilberk Castle (where you can go to see casemates after our walking tour).


In case you arrive to Brno during some festivals or another events (like Brno City Day in August, parade of masks in June, young wine festivals in September, fireworks festival in May and June, St. Martin’s Day in November, Christmas and Easter fairs, etc.), you will feel the cheery atmosphere of the capital of Moravia. We will tell you the main «must haves» to go, see and taste.


In addition, we will tell you the best places for lunch, shopping or entertainment places for kids in Brno. We will try to help you with advices related to Brno.


You will enjoy this city. Waiting for you!

To reserve a Brno walking tour please write to us or fill the form above.



Standard price for 2-3-hours Brno walking tour:

  • Groups with 1-4 people — 70 € per group
  • Groups with 5-10 people — 80 € per group
  • Larger groups — by agreement (please write to us).

Payment for Brno walking tours makes out ​​after the walk.

Note: Please note that the price of out Brno walking tour does not include payment for entrance to some of the sights in Brno, so you should pay it by your own:

  • entrance to the observation tower of The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul — 40 CZK (~ 1.5 euros)
  • casemates at Shpilberk Castle — 165 CZK (~ 6 euro).

This tour is available in English, Czech and Russian.


We are waiting for you in Brno! 🙂

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